Finance Explorer 4.2.0:: Software-oriented personal or household finances, compatible with other suites the genre

Finance Explorer 4.2.0 is a software-oriented personal or household finances, compatible with other suites the genre. This serves as an ideal complement to any economic control activities that develop on the computer. For example, we download our transactions directly from the website of our bank, instead of having to print or type them manually.

The program is capable of handling an unlimited number of accounts, and supports verification operations, investments, savings, cash, loans, credit cards, etc.. It has monthly view of all our accounts so we can see at a glance the most recent economic movements.

In summary, Finance Explorer 4.2.0 is like to look at the website of our bank, but by going at once to all our accounts on a single centralized interface. And if you get lost do not worry, it also has a handy online tutorial.

Its most noteworthy features and qualities are:

1. This is a completely free product.
2. Update all data in real time from anywhere.
3. Simple operation, online tutorial to clear any doubt.
4. Familiar user interface similar to standard Windows Explorer.
5. Importing transactions with support for popular formats.
6. Control of income and expenses.
7. Support for various types of financial accounts.
8. Take control of your actions and values.
9. Categorization: grouping your transactions into categories to identify and analyze more comfortably.
10. Loans: control your debts and the development of payments.
11. Print any report or item that appears in the program.
12. Data export: You can use information coming from other applications.

Size: 1.03 MB
Publisher: Visit Website
Release Date: 2009-3-9
OS: Win 9x/ME/2K/NT/XP/Vista

Free download Finance Explorer 4.2.0 now.

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