Download Parallels Desktop 10.0.1 Full Version + Crack Mac OSX

Parallels Desktop v10 2014 is the final version designed by Parallels. Simply, Parallels Desktop allows Mac users to smoothly run Windows on Mac and run Windows programs on an Apple computer. Essentially, Parallels Desktop is an emulator. Download Parallels Desktop 10 with key, is a Windows emulator for Mac to run Windows-based application without losing graphic resolutions or quality.
  --->Parallels Desktop 10 Features:<--- nbsp="" span="">
- Parallels Desktop is one of the best programs for Mac, as well as Vmware Fusion Pro 7.
-  Mac emulation allows you to run Windows 98, Windows Xp, eComStation, Windows 7, FreeBSD, Windows 3.1, Windows 8 and Windows Server, Linux, Solaris, OS/2, and MS-DOS.
- Run and play Windows games on a Mac without Bootcamp.
- Repair Windows 7 on a Mac. Generally, you can do everything that you always wanted to do on Windows.
Here is a shortcut of real-time Windows usage on Mac PC.
 - You can run both Mac OS and Windows operating systems at one time, you can minimize Windows and add to tray. Isn't this incredible? to have freedom to work on operating systems do you way you want. Plus, Parallels Desktop also allows to run other systems such us Linux, so Imagine you PC has all these preferences and extra things!
- If you emulated Windows 7 for Mac, the graphic feature will remain the same such as: Vista Aero, Aero Peak and Flip 3D work seamlessly on Mac.
- This direct download provided by is the only download in the net.
- You can use Windows widgets and gadgets on Mac such as: clock, calendar, weather, picture puzzle, configfree...etc.
- In some forums, people think Windows 7 runs better and faster on Mac. The Mac hardware performs quicker on Windows 7.
- You can also personalize Windows settings on Mac such as: Themes, Aero themes, basic and high contrast themes, screen savers, desktop background...etc.
- Have you ever asked how to install and run more than one operating system? Yes you can and without rebooting! For Mac users this is a piece of cake, just install Parallels Desktop.
- Use Windows control panel in Mac allows you to set up Windows settings and programs functions such as remove, uninstall applications.
  --->How To Install Parallels Desktop 10:<--- nbsp="" span="">
 1-  Turn off your internet connection.
 2-  Install the program - Double click on "dvi-pd10-cracked.dmg".
 3-  Run the program and type any characters until you fill the field. Press continue.
 4-  Enjoy. You've got yourself Parallels Desktop Cracked Full Version.